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VitaScan PD: The Bladder Scanner of Choice for Irish Hospitals

Bladder scanning is a vital procedure for assessing urinary retention, preventing unnecessary catheterisation, reducing urinary tract infections and improving patient comfort. However, not all bladder scanners are created equal. Some are outdated, inaccurate and unreliable, while others are bulky, complex and expensive.

That’s why more and more Irish hospitals are choosing the VitaScan PD bladder scanner - a portable, touchscreen device that provides real-time imaging and accurate volume measurement of the bladder. The VitaScan PD is supplied by Cardiogenics Ltd., a leading provider of medical devices and services in Ireland.

The VitaScan PD has many advantages over other bladder scanners on the market. It has a fast boot-up time, making it suitable for remote use. It has a high-quality imaging system that shows the bladder shape and position on the screen, eliminating the guesswork involved in “blind” scanners. It has an integrated thermal printer that prints out scan results instantly. It has an additional 2-D mode feature that allows for real-time volume calculations without having to freeze the image and it has a long battery life of up to six hours.

Identifying urinary retention in a patient before considering catheterisation

The VitaScan PD is also easy to use and maintain. It has a touchscreen interface that is intuitive and user-friendly. It has a soft case that protects it during transportation. It has a USB connection that allows for data transfer and software updates. And it comes with a two-year warranty and technical support from Cardiogenics Ltd.

The VitaScan PD is not only a smart choice for hospitals, but also for doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants and patients. It can be used in various settings such as acute hospitals, outpatient departments and community nursing units. It can help reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary catheterisations and infections. And it can improve patient care by providing accurate diagnosis, timely intervention and enhanced comfort.

As well as being a convenient and user-friendly device, the Vitascan PD is also a reliable and accurate one. According to the manufacturer, the VitaScan PD has an accuracy of +/- 10% or 10 ml (whichever is greater) for bladder volumes ranging from 0 to 999 ml. This means that it can measure small and large bladders with minimal error. The real-time scanning facility affords users with a valuable verifiable image and reading, a feature that has become gold-standard across the industry. Led by Clinical Applications Specialist Alex Cuffe, the team at Cardiogenics recognises the importance of training in respect of this evolving technology and the Dublin-based organisation excels in this focus and implementation. She explains: "We ensure that users are properly trained in the use of this technology and our experience has taught us the importance of filling an educational gap that has been treated too casually in the past".

The accuracy of the VitaScan PD is also supported by clinical studies. For example, a study by Lee et al. (2019) compared the VitaScan PD with catheterisation and found that it had a high correlation coefficient of 0.98 and a low mean difference of -4.6 ml. Another study by Kim et al. (2018) compared the VitaScan PD with computed tomography (CT) and found that it had a high correlation coefficient of 0.97 and a low mean difference of -2.9 ml. These studies demonstrate that the VitaScan PD can provide accurate bladder volume measurements that are comparable to invasive or expensive methods.

The accuracy of the VitaScan PD is important for clinical practice, as it can help diagnose urinary retention, monitor bladder function, prevent complications and guide treatment decisions . By using the VitaScan PD, healthcare professionals can avoid unnecessary catheterisations, reduce urinary tract infections, improve patient comfort and save costs.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that the VitaScan PD is now the most popular bladder scanner in both Northern and Republic of Ireland. If you want to join the growing number of satisfied customers who have chosen the VitaScan PD for their bladder scanning needs, contact Cardiogenics Ltd. today to request a free demonstration or quotation.


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