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Pocket Plus Video Laryngoscopes

Pocket Plus
Video Laryngoscopes

The innovative Pocket Plus video laryngoscopes are specially designed for use in conventional as well as for the more challenging intubation procedures. The high resolution camera image and rotational capabilities of the screen provide ease of viewing from many different positions.

Our video laryngoscopes come with a range disposable blades which provide you with greater security and comfort and all at an affordable price.


  • Better visibility on placement of the endotracheal tube

  • Can be used for direct and indirect tube placement

  • Power indicator

  • Highly transparent blade for optimum visibility

  • Facilitates intubation of neo-natal to largest adult patients

  • Assorted blade types with each model (comparable with Mac 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4) including traditional Macintosh size 3 and a highly angulated size 3 for difficult airways

  • Economical laryngoscopy solution 

Pocket Plus Video Laryngoscope.png

The Pocket Plus advanced video laryngoscope offers the very latest hi-definition video and superbly clear glottic views on the large screen for aiding intubation. 



  • Large tilt-and-rotate screen

  • One-touch button

  • Large hi-def 75mm screen with responsive real-time image

  • Rechargeable interchangeable batteries with power level indicator 

  • Photo/ video record and output

  • Anti-fog lens

  • Paediatric and Adult systems

  • Compatible with Mac sizes

  • IPX7 waterproof (handle) and IPX4 (screen)

  • Robust design

  • 2-year warranty

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