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Pocket Plus Video Laryngoscope

Pocket Plus 
Video Laryngoscope

The Pocket Plus advanced video laryngoscope offers the very latest hi-definition video and superbly clear glottic views on the large screen for aiding intubation. 

Pocket Plus 

Adult Video Laryngoscope

Pocket Plus Video Laryngoscope.png

Adult blades 

Mac-2   20-50 kg. Teenagers/ Adults

Mac-3   50-80 kg. Adults

Mac-4       >80 kg. Adults

Mac-3M    >40 kg. Adults (macintosh style)

Mac-3D     >40 kg. Adults (difficult situations)

Pocket Plus 

Paediatric Video Laryngoscope

Pocket Plus Paediatric Video Laryngoscope.png

Paediatric MAC blades 

Mac-1         10-20 kg. (Children)

Mac-0           5-10 kg. (Baby & infant)

Mac-00      1,37-5 kg. (Premature & neonatal)

Pocket Plus regular blades

Pocket Plus Macintosh Mac-3M

Pocket Plus Difficult Mac-3D

Pocket Plus Mac 3 blade.png
Pocket Pluys Mac 3M.jpg
Pocket Plus Mac-3D-1.jpg
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