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POCUS Ultrasound Spray

Introducing POCUS Spray - After over 40 years of ultrasound gels, the ultrasound spray has finally arrived. Adding to the suite of transmission media for medical ultrasound exams POCUS Spray streamlines point-of-care ultrasound.

Just spray and scan....

Innovation of coupling agents

Technology has reached the stage where the hand held ultrasound will probably replace the stethoscope within this lifetime and POCUS spray will go hand-in-hand with this evolution. The easy to use spray can be applied directly to the skin, reducing the risk of contamination and streamlining the exam process for better point of care use. Combining water based chemistry with environmental responsibility, POCUS Spray emerges as a smart but simple solution to reduce clinical waste streams.

Ultrasound spray eliminates the need for messy gels, giving patients a more comfortable experience while making exams much more efficient for medical professionals.

7 Times Less Volume - A Multifaceted Impact

The introduction of POCUS Spray to clinical practice will result in enhanced precision for physicians, improved patient comfort, and cost savings for hospitals and clinics while at the same time contributing to net-zero commitments.

Ultrasound gel

50 ml Ultrasound Gel

3 examinations using ~20 ml/exam

Ultrasound spray

50 ml POCUS Spray

18 examinations using ~2.78 ml/exam

Innovation for you

POCUS Spray:

  • is a CE approved coupling agent spray for ultrasound examinations.

  • is a patented formulation 

  • produces equal quality medical images

  • averages up to 18 examinations per 50 ml 

  • uses approximately 7 times less volume than gels

  • reduces clinical waste by up to 90%

  • naturally evaporates after approx 5 minutes

  • does not leave gel residue on the probe head

  • is device agnostic 

  • helps reduce risk of infection and cross-contamination

  • aligns with net-zero sustainability targets

  • adds to the suite ultrasound coupling agents

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