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Gold Standard screening process

Online screening questionnaire
Initial step

Once a booking is made with our screening team, our process commences with the distribution of our screening questionnaire (specifically designed by Dr Rory O'Hanlon and former President of the Irish Heart Foundation Dr Brian Maurer) and a site visit by Cardiogenics to determine the most appropriate location for us to set up screening room(s) in your building. This normally happens about 2-3 weeks before the planned screening date. We will be able to answer any further questions that you might have regarding the process at this stage.

  • A copy of the questionnaire is sent to each participant to be screened and must be completed thoroughly within a couple of days. This can also be co-ordinated by a nominated representative at your club, school or workplace.

  • The completed questionnaires are then reviewed by a Consultant Cardiologist who specialises in this particular type of screening and who then prescribes the specific tests to be carried out for each patient.

  • The patient list and schedule is then communicated to your nominated representative or directly to the patient.

Every patient has their blood pressure measured on each arm
Screening day

It is usual that 3 patients are scheduled each hour on the screening day. This means that people are normally present for between 20 and 60 minutes depending on whether they are seen 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

  1. Each patient will be greeted and registered by the Unit Manager when they arrive. 

  2. Blood Pressure readings will be taken and recorded using an inflatable cuff around both bare upper arms.

  3. The patient is then asked to lie on a bed for an ECG (Electrocardiogram). This measures the electrical pathways and activity of the heart. Small sticky pads are applied to the chest, arms and legs and are connected to an ECG machine which records the heart rhythm.

  4. In some cases an onsite ECHO (Echocardiogram) will have been prescribed by the cardiologist – this records moving images of the heart showing its structure and blood flow and provides vital detail specific to certain potentially serious heart conditions. The provision of an echocardiogram on our screening day provides patients with 'gold standard' reassurance in cases that might otherwise require further investigation in hospital.

All our tests are non-invasive and painless and they are carried out by our Senior Cardiac Technicians while the patient is lying down.

Cardiologist's report

Once the tests are complete, the data is sent directly to our Consultant Cardiologist who reviews and reports on them. These reports are sent to the patient as well as to their GP or nominated physician within 7 working days. The report consists of the copies of your tests and a comprehensive report from our Consultant Cardiologist.

If any of our tests suggest a cardiac abnormality, the patient’s GP or nominated physician will be contacted directly by our Consultant Cardiologist so that a suitable and appropriate treatment may be discussed and prescribed.

All exams are read an reported on by our consultant cardiologist
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