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Surge in the provision of Bladder Scanners in Ireland

Cardiogenics leads the way with outstanding support, training and customer service throughout the COVID-19 pandemic for bladder scanners in Ireland. Cardiogenics supply the VitaScan PD Bladder Scanner which is the No.1 choice for Irish Hospitals and the Cardiogenics training teams have been working alongside hospital teams and primary care centres to ensure all new and existing wards and departments have their essential equipment available to use. Cardiogenics have installed VitaScan Bladder scanners in almost every acute hospital during the last 2 years and trained upwards of 7500 healthcare assistants, nurses and doctors across Ireland to ensure they are certified to use the VitaScan Bladder scanners confidently and competently.

Alongside supplying essential medical equipment to wards, Cardiogenics have been working with the clinical engineers and nurse managers to help replace any of the older bladder scanners and obsolete ‘point-and-click technology’ much of which is now out of service or coming up to end of support.

The evolution of a new gold standard for bladder scanning determines that there is now a 2-step approach, firstly finding the bladder with a live ultrasound view and then taking a 12-plane scan indicating the true bladder volume, thus ensuring a verifiable and accurate scan. Cardiogenics have devised a simple training program with online resources, so that the bladder scanner can be used by any healthcare worker including healthcare assistants, nursing teams, doctors and consultants. With considerable experience in the distribution of such an invaluable instrument to avoid unnecessary catheterisation of patients, Cardiogenics have seen an increase in demand from hospitals, primary care centres and nursing homes wishing to install their VitaScan PD bladder scanners in wards and clinics. It gives nursing homes confidence to perform a simple bladder scan on residents should they suspect urinary retention, rather than sending them in to an acute hospital for investigation.


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