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Cardiogenics Announces the Launch of POCUS Ultrasound Spray

Cardiogenics Limited, a pioneer in innovative healthcare solutions throughout Ireland, is thrilled to introduce the ground-breaking POCUS Ultrasound Spray from EccoSpray. After over 40 years of using traditional ultrasound gels, we’re excited to bring you this cutting-edge transmission medium for medical ultrasound exams.

What Is POCUS Ultrasound Spray?

POCUS Spray revolutionises point-of-care ultrasound by streamlining the process. Just spray and scan! It’s designed to enhance the efficiency and ease of ultrasound examinations, benefiting both clinicians and patients.

Key Features:

• Efficiency: Say goodbye to messy gels. POCUS Spray simplifies the ultrasound procedure, evaporating after 5 minutes and allowing clinicians to focus on patient care.

• Real-Time Imaging: Obtain clear, real-time images for accurate diagnostics and treatment decisions at the bedside.

• Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of clinical scenarios, from emergency care to routine assessments.

• Value: POCUS Spray averages up to 18 examinations per 50 ml bottle and presents clinical users with an effective cost-saving solution.


POCUS (Point-of-Care Ultrasound) is a game-changer in healthcare. Clinicians actively acquire, interpret, and integrate focused ultrasound in real time to guide management decisions. It’s also known as “bedside ultrasound” or “clinician-performed ultrasound.”

At Cardiogenics, we’re committed to advancing patient care through innovation. POCUS Spray aligns perfectly with our specialisation in bladder scanning ultrasound and our mission to provide healthcare professionals with cutting-edge tools that improve outcomes.


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