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Cardiogenics provide online video training and demonstrations during COVID-19 pandemic

Cardiogenics is committed to providing support to all of their customers - especially now.

In response to the unprecedented measures being taken during this global emergency, Cardiogenics is working hard to support Ireland's fight against COVID-19. As the HSE launches a massive recruitment drive for health workers, the demand for specialised medical equipment grows.

In light of recent restrictions and caution surrounding visiting hospitals - the Cardiogenics team have implemented new processes and procedures to align with the evolving COVID-19 situation. Firstly, all of their field clinical sales and service teams screen daily for symptoms of COVID-19. They have also devised an online strategy to help them still deliver vital medical equipment and essential training to their clients.

For Cardiogenics to continue to provide a high level of service during these unprecedented times, it offers the following to customers:

1. Live interactive online demonstrations and training that can be accessed through an online interactive live feed. The training is delivered by their team to yours, through an online platform. If you are interested in seeing how any of their technologies work, they can deliver live online demonstrations this way too.

2. Optional online training certification to show you are competent in using the equipment.

3. Online in-service resources such as online quick start guides and also in-depth video tutorials.

This is particularly relevant for emerging new technologies such as the VitaScan bladder scanner, Medan Video Laryngoscope and their innovative QuikClot haemostatic range. These can all easily be accessed through the Cardiogenics website.

The team at Cardiogenics is passionate about ensuring that their customers are fully up to speed with these new technologies and this is why they are making it easier than ever to continue on-going training. You can access the online resources from the comfort of your own home or work-place, which makes it much easier for you to become comfortable using the equipment and obtaining accurate results.

Now, more than ever - there is an increased emphasis on the importance of not sharing equipment between wards due to risk of infection. For example, bladder scanners are commonly shared between adjoining wards or departments. This may be a problem if a scenario arose where one ward becomes an isolated COVID-19 ward and the other ward is not. The alternative in many cases to scanning the bladder, becomes catheterisation, which carries a risk in itself.

Cardiogenics will continuously monitor the situation and liaise with clients alike. The team is flexible in whatever approach suits and will happily take feedback from their client base should they wish to reach out with new ideas to help them implement these strategies and services. Their dedicated team can arrange online demonstrations at a time that is convenient for you, or travel to you whilst still implementing social distancing to show you how their technologies work.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Cardiogenics can help you incorporate new technologies into your healthcare facility or you would like to significantly enhance your infection control, it can be easily arranged by contacting Cardiogenics here:

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