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Irish hospitals choose VitaScan PD

Following its initial introduction to the Irish healthcare market during 2018, the VitaScan PD

The team in the Mater Private Hospital take delivery of their new bladder scanner

has established itself as the 'bladder scanner of choice' for Irish hospitals and will become a significant presence as clinical and infection control teams seek the best solutions for their wards and hospitals. Commenting on the emerging popularity of the product, Cardiogenics’s clinical sales specialist Lucy O’Donoghue explains: ‘The VitaScan PD presents clinical teams with a valuable bladder measurement device for their patients’ and adding ‘it’s a simple and accurate scanner, designed by Vitacon in Norway and at last offers Irish hospitals a high quality value-based solution for their teams and their patients’. The VitaScan boasts a host of innovative features, not least the fact that the probe can be separately used connected directly to a tablet, laptop or PC in a clinical/ urology office setting. Cardiogenics are the distributors in Ireland for the Vitascan and their sales director Brian Turvey was impressed with the manufacturer’s response when refinements were suggested by users and explained ‘Vitacon are an excellent example of a medical device company that build their product from a user’s perspective. Their ability to assess and incorporate innovative user-benefits in a short space of time demonstrated to us that they are a passionate and dedicated bladder scanner manufacturer.’ He added ‘this is a product that is ideally built for the Irish hospital, offering simple and accurate bladder volume measurement and providing important value in terms of cost and efficiency for clinical, technical and procurement teams.’ The units are serviced either onsite at the hospitals or at the Cardiogenics Service Centre in Dublin.

Cardiogenics and Vitacon have recently rolled-out their Technical Service Program, a facility that offers biomedical engineering and medical physics teams the option of training to be certified to manage their own maintenance and servicing of the devices at their hospitals.

Founded in 2005, Vitacon’s core business is in ultrasound bladder scanning and the products are developed on an unique proprietary ultrasound platform designed specifically for bladder scanning. Vitacon has offices located in Norway, Lithuania and Minnesota, USA. From where the VitaScan products are distributed and supported World Wide.

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