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St Joseph's Hospital choose VitaScan for post surgery bladder scans

Following the recent introduction of the VitaScan bladder scanners to the Irish market, St Joseph's Hospital in North Dublin recently chose the 'PD' model for their post surgery scans. Clinical Nurse Manager Clara Carey was delighted to be able to secure the bladder scanner for her surgical unit and the VitaScan PD was a natural choice for her team. Clinical Sales Specialist Lucy O'Donoghue explained "The VitaScan offers Clara and her team an easy-to-operate, accurate and reliable bladder volume measurement. Their particular focus on urology and neurosurgery made this an obvious choice and welcome addition to their department"

The new VitaScan software offers additional features that help refine accurate bladder volume measurements and without specialist sonographical skills. A unique 'pre-scan' screen allows nurses to confidently acquire the colour-enhanced bladder image, ensuring accurate reading every time.

Cardiogenics work very closely with the manufacturing company Vitacon in Norway, helping develop the product and providing the team at Vitacon with important feedback for the clinical teams that they deal with every day.

For further details on the product, see here.

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