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Mater Private Hospital first to acquire new generation BladderScan

Nurse Managers in Our Lady's Ward at the Mater Private: Stephanie Rafter and Vitha Crasta with Kate O'Sullivan from Cardiogenics

Recognising the increasing importance of efficiency in respect of nursing and patient care, particularly in avoiding unnecessary catheterisation, the Mater Private Hospital in Dublin have invested in the latest BladderScan technology, with a new 'BladderScan PRIME' from Irish distributors Cardiogenics.

With all-new features such as a touchscreen interface, live B-Mode scanning and onboard self-diagnostics, BladderScan continues the brand's long history of technological advancement - redefining accuracy and making it easier than ever to use.

PRIME is built to be a workhorse device in any healthcare environment. "It is designed to reduce downtime, which in turn raises quality of care," said Lisa Wall, General Manager of Cardiogenics. "PRIME supports evidence-based catheter management, along with consistent, comfortable assessment of patients." PRIME is designed to help reduce catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI), by reducing the use of catheters. BladderScan Clinical Sales Specialist Kate O'Sullivan explained "CAUTI is one of the leading causes of infection in hospitals today, and despite years of efforts, those infection rates aren't improving. We're hoping to change that with this new and simple-to-use technology."

(Top photo: Stephanie Rafter and Vitha Crasta, Nurse Managers in Our Lady's Ward at the Mater Private with Kate O'Sullivan from Cardiogenics)

With one button press, PRIME's VMODE® technology acquires multiple scan planes inside the body, producing a 3‑dimensional quantification of the bladder. Based on this quantification, the instrument automatically calculates and displays urinary bladder volume. Promoting long and uninterrupted service, reliability is built into the BladderScan PRIME system. For example, in the event of a drop, the PRIME ultrasound probes have an internal mechanical diagnostic to confirm it's still working properly. To boost accuracy among users of varying skill levels, Verathon's BladderScan PRIME provides simple and advanced aiming modes; immediate feedback for off-center scans and pubic bone interference; and onboard help/tutorial assistance available at any point in the exam. "The new BladderScan PRIME is a world-class instrument," said Neil Hunn, Verathon President. "It is designed to support reliable outcomes for caregivers and patients, as well as economic goals in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. PRIME is a low-maintenance solution for high-impact conditions." For more than 25 years, BladderScan instruments have been built to meet the demands of tough clinical settings. Assembled by hand in the USA, BladderScan devices are backed by a commitment to best-in-class service and warranty solutions, along with dedicated customer service teams.

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