Phantom Bladder

A specifically-designed artificial bladder from Dansk Fantom Service to be used in conjunction with bladder-scanners for accuracy testing/ verification and training.

Model 616 - 

The phantom background mass is 14 cm wide and 11 cm high. Inside is a simulated bladder with a volume approx 130 ml and certified +/- 2 ml. The 'sound speed' of background material is not specified, but it is about 1540 m/sec.

Outer dimensions: 15,5 cm Ø * 14,5 cm high.

Weight:~ 1,9 kg.

The surface of the phantom is covered with a protective plate of ~2 cm hydrogel, which allows excellent transmission of ultrasound. 

There are different types of this model, so contact us with your enquiry at the details below.

Calibration Tank

Designed to work with the VitaScan Calibration Software, this tool assists in the calibration and certification of all VitaScan bladder scanners.

The VitaScan Calibration Test Tool is a valuable asset for clinical engineering teams that wish to manage their own annual testing and calibration. It's a simple-to-use accessory that comes with its own software compatible with MS Windows based operating systems.


  • Calibration Tank with Probe Holder 

  • VitaScan Online Calibration Software 

  • Two-Year Limited Warranty

Product Code: VC100651

Verification Test Tool

The Vitacon Verification Test Tool is designed to be simple, fast and user friendly.

Adding just 350 ml of water and with the easy-to-operate and intuitive verification software it's a quick way to verify that your VitaScan Bladder Scanner is functioning properly.


  • Verification Test Tool

  • Verification Software


Product code: VC100752

VitaScan Printer Paper

Thermal printer rolls for your VitaScan Bladder Scanner.

Quick and easy to insert into the printer housing - VitaScan Printer Paper is a no-nonsense compliment for printing scan results.

  • Packed in 10s

  • Product code (Packed 10 rolls per box): VC100522

Aquasonic Ultrasound Gel

AQUASONIC®100 Ultrasound Gel 250ml bottle
The most widely used gel for diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound.

AQUASONIC®100 Gel is recommended by Vitacon and leading manufacturers of medical ultrasound equipment worldwide. 

  • Increases electrode conductivity uniformly and consistently

  • Accoustically correct for the broad range of frequencies used

  • Completely Aqueous, will not stain clothing or damage transducers

  • Unique formula is hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic,non-sensitising and non-irritating

  • Does not contain formaldehyde

  • Product Code (Packed 12 x 250ml): PR01-08

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