Medan Product Range

Medan Original

Medan Video Laryngoscope

The Medan Original offers clinicians a simple and effective aid to intubation/ tube exchange in addition to being a cost-effective video laryngoscope for hospitals and emergency services.


  • Internal rechargeable battery

  • Metal handle

  • Photo/ video record 

  • Anti-fog lens

  • Paediatric and Adult units

  • 270 degree screen rotate with tilting back and forward also

  • Compatibility with all Medan stats

Medan II

Medan Video Laryngoscope

The Medan II advanced video laryngoscope offers the very latest hi-definition video and superbly clear glottic views on the large screen for aiding intubation. 



  • Large tilt-and-rotate screen

  • Internal rechargeable battery

  • Photo/ video record

  • Anti-fog lens

  • Paediatric and Adult systems

  • Compatible with all Medan stats

  • IPX7 handle and IPX4 screen

  • Robust design

Medan Single Use Stats

Regular S3.jpg

Regular Size 1, 2, 3 and 4

For routine and difficult airways -direct and/or indirect vision 

Nishikawa blade

Nishikawa (S-Blade) - Size 3 and 4

With an 'S-shaped' spatula and uniquely designed to help manage an enlarged lounge base. Fits better into vallecula space & lift epiglottis more effectively.* 

Channeled 3.jpg

Channeled Size 1, 2, 3 and 4

For those who prefer the directional assistance of a channel