Medan Video Laryngoscopes


Video Laryngoscopes

The innovative Medan video laryngoscopes are specially designed for use in conventional as well as for the more challenging intubation procedures. The high resolution camera image and rotational capabilities of the screen provide ease of viewing from 270 degrees and many different positions.

Medan video laryngoscopes come with a range disposable blades which provide you with greater security and comfort and all at an affordable price.


  • In all situations when intubation is necessary, both in clinical and in trauma settings

  • In conventional and more challenging procedures where direct laryngoscopy is currently used

  • For training and education - this replaces the necessity of “looking over the shoulder”



  • High definition camera and high resolution on-handle LCD monitor

  • Rechargable INTERNAL battery

  • Cordless and lightweight for maximum portability

  • Robust metal handle, suitable for direct laryngoscopy (perfect for training purposes)

  • Shortens time for intubation in challenging procedures

  • Video and photo capture with USB upload for replay

  • Rotating screen - the screen can tilt forward and backward as well as rotating to side and also affords a complete reverse view (tomahawk technique)

  • Fully charged unit allows 2 hours of continuous use

  • Adult and paediatric version

  • Strong and rigid disposable blades

Medan Video Laryngoscope


  • Better visibility on placement of the endotracheal tube

  • Fog-free intubation

  • Photo and video recording

  • User-friendly with just 2 buttons to operate

  • Can be used for direct and indirect tube placement

  • Rechargeable internal battery

  • Highly transparent blade for optimum visibility

  • For children and for adults

  • Assorted blade types with each model (comparable with Mac 1,2,3 and 4)

  • Channelled blades, Regular blades and new Nishikawa (S) blades

  • Economical laryngoscopy solution 

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