Care222 technology is ideal for use throughout hospitals, care homes and clinical settings where shared spaces pose a viral/ bacterial contamination risk in the air and on surfaces.   

  • Cost effective – While the initial outlay for a Care222 lamp may be higher than that of a conventional UV lamp, the following benefits clearly offset any budget concerns once usage has begun.

  • Studies alongside some of the world’s most prestigious research institutions have found Care222 lamps to be more effective than conventional UV in many bacterial eradication applications.

  • Mercury-free – disposal of the lamp is environmentally friendly and poses very little in the way of safety risk should the lamp break. This is also important as intensifying restrictions on the usage and disposal of mercury will be implemented in the coming years.

  • Instant-on/off – The skilled engineering behind the Care222 lamp allows customers to obtain full irradiation output in less than one second, whereas conventional germicidal lamps start at only 50% output and take several minutes to ramp up to 100% output.

  • Flexible design capabilities for customised lamp development.

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  • Filters out almost all unnecessary and hazardous wavelengths to maintain a highly effective and human exposure-safe output of the 222 nm germicidal wavelength.

  • Highly effective inactivation and reduction of the majority of spores, in fact, 222 nm has proven to be more effective than 254 nm UVGI solutions in most cases.

  • Operable in a wide range of temperatures (unlike conventional 254 nm lamps).

  • Ideal for indoor disinfection.

  • Complies with all EPA, FDA and EU ozone emission regulations.